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What is Sherpa Education for Schools?

The combination of outdoor movement, collaboration, gamification and technology are the basic principles of Sherpa Education:

Outdoor movement

The students have to move around to find tasks placed in the map by the teacher,
and solving them in a real world environment.


The students live fully into the game, which also makes it ideal for building a good classroom environment, through good communication and collaboration. The results are active and happy students.

Game based

Sherpa Education will get the students moving and engaged in problem solving. Students also gain points for doing work at home, enabling parental involvement. Because of the engaging play, students increase their learning outcome.


Augmented reality is a technology that combines data from the physical world with virtual data, for example using graphics and sound. You get an extra layer of information. The additional information typically does not replace reality, but extends it in one or more ways.

Benefits for student

Game-based learning combined with increased physical activity helps increase the learning outcome.

By employing game mechanics that many students will already be familiar with, Sherpa Education integrates the learning experience into the gaming experience. Unlike many other learning game initiatives, game mechanics are closely linked to the learning content.

The game also requires academic interaction and collaboration between students, which we consider to be crucial for games to be used in formal teaching situations.

Benefits for teacher

The educational content of a game session is defined by the classroom teacher. This allows the teacher to adapt the game session to the learning goals of each teaching session.

This is something many similar games and digital learning tools lack.

The game can also be used in both shorter and longer teaching sessions and allows for the planning of multidisciplinary teaching sessions. The game is simple in design, so teachers with both short and long gaming experience can use it.