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What is Sherpa Education For Companies?

The combination of outdoor movement, collaboration, gamification and technology are the basic principles of our solution:

Outdoor movement

The employees have to move around to find tasks placed in the map by the teaching instructor, and solving them in a real world environment.


The employees live fully into the game, which also makes it ideal for building a good company culturre, through good communication and collaboration. The results areactive and happy employees.

Game based

Sherpa Education will get the employees moving and engaged in problemsolving. Whether a person thrives on competition or not, theywill enjoy the feeling they get from overcoming an obstacle andcompleting a goal.


Augmented reality is a technology that combines data from the physical world with virtual data, for example using graphics and sound. You get an extra layer of information. The additional information typically does not replace reality, but extends it in one or more ways.

5 reasons game based learning helps BUSINESSES

Winning feels good.
Whether a person thrives on competition or not, they will enjoy the feeling they get from overcoming an obstacle and completing a goal.

Many people like working as part of a team. It’s fulfilling for them to work toward a common goal along with their peers.

Learning games promote a natural interest in the learners. The desire to resolve a riddle or solve a mystery is motivation.

Many game-based learning activities give the users a chance to earn points, tokens, or some other form of reward. They may also be able to take tokens or points from other players in the course of the game creating healthy competition to improve performance.

Critical thinking and problem-solving.
Games require employees to think more deeply in order to solve a problem. These are skills that will be required as they go through their actual job duties.